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Johanna Rose documents self-improvement on their expansive new solo LP

Some people were more productive during the quarantine than others. Last spring we checked in with Johanna Rose, who explained that while cut off from touring they'd spent their newfound alone time writing songs and finding their footing on new instruments, particularly piano and acoustic guitar -- both a change for a musician who'd primarily favored the upright bass.

Rose put those instruments to good use on a pair of quick quarantine EPs last year, and their new album " Lunar Eclipse," out today, features an even wider range of instruments, including accordion, harmonium and electric guitar.

Johanna Rose | Photo credit: Samer Ghani

Emphasizing love, change, detoxification and self-improvement, these songs retain the intimacy of Rose's previous EPs, even with the cleaner production and richer textural palette. "This is my cosmic emotional release, my evolution, a peace offering to my inner demons, a love letter to my soul, an acknowledgment of my heart, an end to before, and a beginning for now," Rose says.

You can stream the album below, and catch Rose at a backyard show at Highway Kind MKE with Hurd & Galante and The Sapsuckers on Friday, May 28, 5 p.m.