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Past and future collide on soulful new single from Abby Jeanne

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Abby Jeanne

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MKE x NYC artist Abby Jeanne stepped back into the limelight recently, signing to and sharing a pair of singles via Eraserhood Sound, an imprint of beloved soulful sounds label Colemine Records.

The track we’re premiering today, “Know Better,” pulls from the same foundational well as the first single she released back in December, “That’s Where We Are,” giving Abby Jeanne’s powerful vocals freedom to do their thing. Which is everything.

Eraserhood Sound describes itself as “the world’s only Synth & Soul record label and production team.” Founded in 2019 in Philly and named in tribute to 1977 David Lynch classic Eraserhead (which is the coolest), the label’s retro-futuristic analog production style is a match made in heaven for Jeanne. The just-so reverb’d guitar, echoed vocals,. and handclaps add layers and build on her classic-yet-futuristic appeal, giving it that extra staying power.

“Know Better” is a song Jeanne held onto for years and decided to bring into being with her new label. It’s a take on “the selfishness and vapidity of today’s society,” as she explained, and was cut almost entirely live to tape, capturing the song’s “raw electricity.”

"I seek to connect with strangers and people in my everyday life but find it harder and harder to get others to experience that magic with me in such an isolating, vain and technology-addicted era,” she added. “It has become the norm to experience more and more of our lives through the internet. We are being entertained constantly and encouraged to interact with these worlds that are flooded with disconnected communication, disinformation, curated illusions and propaganda.

“This song is a reminder to myself and others that in this brave new world we live in, we may feel pressured or alienated, but at the end of the day we know better. Instead of wallowing or giving in to our corrupted society, perhaps we just chose to be alive."

Abby Jeanne will release "Know Better" digitally on Jan. 25 via Bandcamp, with a 7-inch vinyl record to follow April 21. Listen to it using the button at the top of this page, on the 88Nine airwaves, or the streamwaves available through our website and mobile app.

88Nine Music Director / On-Air Talent | Radio Milwaukee