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El Sebas tries to smash love's barriers on 'Dímelo'


Mexican rapper, artist and cultural curator El Sebas is no stranger to 88Nine. He has worked with bandmate Cristo Paz under the name Browns Crew for several years now and has so much more to come — evidenced by this solo effort from El Sebas we're premiering today.

As a group, Browns Crew have created this unit in music that intentionally celebrates their Mexican culture while bringing to the forefront an awareness of the inequities their people face. It's important to note that Browns Crew is here to stay, and has fresh gigs and music coming soon. Meanwhile, El Sebas brings us this single, "Dímelo."

In 2021, he dropped his first solo works in the form of an EP, chavo de abajo, which included the single "Baba Ya" that we spun on 88Nine. Fast-forward a couple years, and now Sebas brings us a fresh take on his sensual sound.

"Dímelo" is a relatable song about relationships — with yourself and others. It speaks to the feeling of being in limbo while being in a relationship and the process of wanting to work things out. The first verse describes the need for gratitude and self-reflection, while the second verse focuses on the relationship with a partner and the need to break down walls to let love flow.

Enjoy the whole thing right here using the "Listen" button at the top of the page, and keep an ear open for "Dímelo" in our 88Nine playlist, as well as in all the usual places when the single gets its official release next Tuesday, June 20. El Sebas also has a Summerfest date coming up with Browns Crew, playing the Miller Lite Oasis at 4:15 p.m. Saturday, June 24.

88Nine Asst. Program Director / On-Air Talent | Radio Milwaukee