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Culver’s in Glendale to host … rock concert?

Bug Moment / Twitter

Update: Bug Moment posted Friday morning that the concert has been cancelled. Get all the details here.

When I was a wee lad, the custard stand in my town would host classic-car meet-ups. These gatherings of largely middle-aged men (of which I now am one) would give their hot rods the ol’ spit-and-polish, gingerly drive them to the parking lot, open the hoods and spend the next several hours keeping anyone holding custard a minimum of half a county away from the vehicle they supposedly came to show off.

The custard-related event Milwaukee band Bug Moment announced Tuesday morning will be much, much, MUCH more awesome.

On July 22, at the Bayshore Culver’s located at 300 W. Bayside Dr. in Glendale, a quintuple bill of alternative, emo, pop-punk and post-hardcore screamo bands will play … somewhere on the premises. Inside? In the parking lot? At the drive-through window exclusively through the restaurant’s intercom?

Honestly, there are a lot of questions floating around about this incredible thing that could only happen in Wisconsin. What we know for sure is that Bug Moment and fellow Milwaukee bands Chapped Lips, Honey Creek and Garden Home — along with Madison’s Excuse Me, Who Are You? — will play music at the Bayshore Culver’s between 6:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

OK, even more honestly, I can’t really vouch for that “know for sure” part. There hasn’t been any communication from the Culver’s mothership about this outstanding idea, although it’s hard to imagine Bug Moment making such an audacious announcement without Craig Culver’s approval. So let’s just all be optimistic for a change and assume this has gone through the proper channels.

The only other facts we have at this point (based on the flyer posted by Bug Moment that looks like a Culver’s to-go bag, so kudos to the graphic designer on this gig) is that the event will be free, and doors are at 6 p.m.

We’ll keep an eye on the band’s and the restaurant’s communication channels for updates. In the meantime, mark your calendar and dream of screamo with three scoops of Chocolate Oreo Volcano.