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Appleton's Mile of Music to host first-ever Hip Hop showcase

The annual Mile of Music festival will take place Aug. 4-7 in downtown Appleton. In addition to the over 200 acts, the festival will host a Hip Hop showcase featuring 11 artists from Milwaukee. The showcase will take place on Aug. 6 at Stansbury Theatre, one of the festival’s all-ages venues located adjacent to the Lawrence Memorial Chapel.


The Milwaukee artists that will be performing the showcase include Cree Myles, Bo & Airo, Chakara Blu, AUTOMatic, Queen Tut, Klassik, Rahn Harper, Zed Kenzo, Lex Allen, New Age Narcissism and Mic Kellogg. In addition to the Milwaukee artists, there are two Chicago artists: Kweku Collins and Ric Wilson.


Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee