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Soul Low - "Tied In Knots" (88Nine Premiere)

Soul Low is always on the button. Their songs are often self-deprecating and introspective, and they are always good. Today, we are premiering their newest song, “Tied in Knots.”

"’Tied in Knots’ is about the disparity of your online self and your real life self. The idea of the song is that the character presents their self online as a put together, popular, and charismatic individual, while their real self is a melancholy individual suffering from depression and alcoholism.” says bassist Sam Gehrke.

It was recorded over the course of a weekend in their friend’s basement studio in Chicago in between large doses of Mexican food and “perhaps a gentleman's amount of Old Style.”


“Tied In Knots” will be out on Soul Low’s NEW ALBUM, “Nosebleeds” that comes out August 5th on Gloss Records. Pre-order the album on vinyl, cd, or vinyl + cassette.

Following the release, Soul Low will be hitting the road for a 21 day/21 show tour to support the album.