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Warm up - watch the video premiere for Abby Jeanne's "Be in the Sun"

Milwaukee's Abby Jeanne has had a pretty exciting 2017 and 2018 is off to a busy start for the artist. Releasing new singles and taking home the most Radio Milwaukee Music Awards, she's keeping the momentum going with a residency at Company Brewing every Monday in February, and premiering a new music video today.

Watch the golden heat of "Be in the Sun" filmed on a Chicago summer night. Director Eric Olson (of Saturn Lounge) planned the video over coffee with Abby Jeanne and the song synced up creatively for Olson, "I am all about content and storytelling, and 'Be in the Sun' had a story that just worked for me."

Abby Jeanne's vision was to incorporate both vintage and modern aesthetic, and she "let them have the reigns, I have never had the opportunity to do a video with this level of production; crew, hair and makeup, really cool spot in Chicago. The process for me was the best part. Getting to make the video and having it be directed was really fun. The director had gone to a crazy party in the alley and there was all this street art that inspired him and they commissioned a street art mural. It's pretty crazy that my face is on a wall in Chicago! I'm really thankful to have that experience, it was really cool. I'm thankful to Saturn lounge, for approaching me. It's obviously a collaboration and I love the outcome."

Olson adds, "Abby is a strong songwriter with a fantastic voice. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her. It was a hot, hot day, and her performance was amazing. She was fully committed to the project and her energy never lapsed. I was fortunate to have a great crew and production house in Saturn Lounge behind me. It was great to work with a talented street artist like Jeremy Lombardo. His work helped tie together the narrative. It's easy to see that Abby is talented, and I think her work ethic is going to take her a long way. I love this song and I hope people enjoy the video."

Watch the premiere of "Be in the Sun" by Abby Jeanne below: