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25 artists pay musical tribute to Bowie

Today's music news comes from Ty Segall, Car Seat Headrest, Bleachers, Billy Corgan, Garbage and more:

Ty Segall wrote the theme song for the new Comedy Central series, Corporate. The writers, who also star in the comedy about office workers beaten down by the daily humiliation of working for a soul-sucking multinational conglomerate, are HUGE Ty Segall fans.

Car Seat Headrest, Bleachers and Billy Corgan are just a few of the 25 artists that recorded covers for a new Howard Stern special tribute to David Bowie. Other highlights include Peter Frampton’s version of “Rebel Rebel,” Daryl Hall singing “Fame” and Garbage covering “Starman.” The show, co-hosted by longtime Bowie producer Toni Visconti, will air on February 9.