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Today is International Clash Day

Spearheaded by KEXP, International Clash Day is not only about celebrating the music of the Clash, but also about their message—of human rights/equal rights—a message than is as important and relevant now, as when the Clash were originally making music.

  • "We're anti-fascist, we're anti-violence, we're anti-racist and we're pro-creative. We're against ignorance.”
    - Joe Strummer
  • “This is not a time to be dismayed. This is punk rock time. This is what Joe Strummer trained you for.”
    -Henry Rollins

Over 50 radio stations and 32 record stores from around the world joining in. 9 cities have also officially proclaimed it International Clash Day including Washington, D.C. You can see them all on the partner’s page of the Clash Day website – here.

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