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Watching this short film's love letter to hip-hop should be your 'top priority'

Hip Hop Cafe short film

No other genre has made a huge impact on the world like hip-hop. The genre transcended music and crossed into all aspects of creativity from dance, to fashion, to art.  One British director decided to share his personal love letter to hip-hop in the form of a short film titled "Hip Hop Cafe."

Directed by London filmmaker Robbie Samuels, "Hip Hop Cafe" takes classic hip-hop lyrics and transforms into the dialog for the characters in the film.  If you are a true hip-hop head, you will recognize lyrics from A Tribe Called Quest, Salt N' Pepa, Wu-Tang Clan, Del Tha Funky Homosapien, De La Soul and others.


Watch "Hip Hop Cafe" below.


The way the director of "Hip-hop Cafe" weaves the classic lyrics into the story is truly remarkable and entertaining.  Here is a statement from the director:

I set out to make something different, experimental and unique. I count myself fortunate enough to have been in New York during the golden age of Hip Hop. Those times and musical artists left an impression on me I'll honestly never forget and this is my homage to them. I had the idea for trying to stitch a story together using lyrics this about 7 years ago and last year I decided it was time to  make this, or leave it forever. I decided to go for it.'

Hip Hop Cafe from superrocketman on Vimeo.

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