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Milwaukee's top DJs didn't rush to the challenge and the results have paid off

There are so many levels to what a hashtag challenge is and has become in the world of social media, so I will spare you the boring details of its origins. I want to focus on the #dontrushchallenege and how DJs across the globe, and recently Milwaukee, have utilized this fun social media game as a way to pass the time as they wait for physical DJ gigs while in quarantine.

What is a hashtag "challenge?" It's quite simple. Someone does something fun like a dance, you mimic that dance or "one up it" using social media platforms like Tik Tok or Instagram and you hope that people will follow suit. Fast forward, back in mid March as quarantine became our reality, a young college student used a simple but catchy song by Young T & Bugsey featuring Headie One called "Don't Rush" as the background music to her joining her friend for a game of dress up. Weeks if not days later, the song and the video become a global phenomenon and the song reaches peak success on the radio and streaming chart because of it. Below you can see an example of this fun trend.

I know what you're thinking. What does this have to do with DJs and DJing? It has everything to do with us. Like the club goer waiting to be able to enjoy their local spots to dance and be seen, DJs are also on pause to provide that music for them. So, they came up with their own version of the #dontrushchallenge and called it the #dontrushdjchallenge. DJs are searching for many way to pass the time and have fun while quarantined and this is challenge is no exception. The most famous of the DJ challenges is this one below featuring Shaq, Babey Drew, Skratchbastid, Jaycee, Step1, Chris Villa, DJ Puffy, DJ Aktive, Ease, Lazyboy and Jazzy Jeff.

The challenge has also spanned the globe, from Canada to Spain. Now it was Milwaukee's time to shine and they did not disappoint. This collection of DJ's is the some of best, young and legendary talent this city has to offer. DJ Aztek, DJ Bizzon, Swade Trackz, Kid Cut Up, Nu-Stylez, Doctor B and Four7 thank you for holding it down!

88Nine Asst. Program Director / On-Air Talent | Radio Milwaukee