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How did the Radio Milwaukee team wrap their listening year?

You already know what they play on-air. But what do the voices you hear on 88Nine and HYFIN have in their ears when the mic is off? Let’s find out, shall we?

To get to the bottom of this, we asked everyone on staff at Radio Milwaukee to share their year-end wrap with the promise of no judgments (out loud anyway). Some were quite forthcoming with their choices. Some shared selectively. And our first contestant opted for a delightfully unique approach that turned off the phone in favor of a turntable.

Dori Zori (vinyl records … remember those?)

Top artist: Alt-J. Not only their latest album, Dream On, but their entire back catalog.
Top album: Florence & The Machine’s latest album Dance Fever
Top song on vinyl: I listened to that entire album. Every track. It’s a work of art.
Other data nuggets: I love music videos, too. For this album, Florence & The Machine collaborated with photographer, filmmaker/director Autumn de Wilde and created some of the most moving visual representations of the music that I have ever seen. 
Comments: Coming in a close second in my vinyl new-music collection: a tie between Harry Styles’ Harry’s House and Sylvan Esso’s NO Rules, Sandy.
Honorable mention: My most-listened-to song on Spotify was a 1991 classic from Black Sheep, “For Doz That Slept.” IYKYK.

Erin Wolf (Spotify)

Top artist: Nilüfer Yanya
Top song: “midnight sun,” Nilüfer Yanya
Other data nuggets: Top spins for 2022 included Cola, Big Thief, Santigold, SASAMI, Dungen, Ibibio Sound Machine, Goat, Aldous Harding, Spiritualized, Beach House, Melody’s Echo Chamber, Horsegirl, Widowspeak, Sudan Archives, Wet Leg, SASAMI, Fontaines D.C.

Marcus Doucette (Spotify)

Top artist: Bad Bunny
Top song: “Hayat,” Kit Sebastian
Underrated/Underheard: So many, but I also love me some Biga Ranx.
Comments: I could do this exercise everyday, and it would quite possibly be different every time. I’m here for music for my ever-changing mood — the inspiration and variety keep my mind open like a book I cannot close. Probably need a top 200… just sayin’.

Kenny Perez (Spotify)

Top artist: Bad Bunny … duh!
Top song: “Me Porto Bonito”
Comments: Bad Bunny unapologetically represents a tiny island with a big heart and strong culture. For me, the official video for “ El Apagón” solidified his artistry, his depth and his heart.

B~Free (Apple Music & Spotify)

Top artist: Beyoncé (both)
Top song: “Everything,” Kehlani (Apple Music); “Die Hard,” Kendrick Lamar (Spotify)
Other data nuggets: 6,286 minutes across both platforms, and I’m sure 6,000 of them went to the Renaissance album … lol.
Comments: I never feel like the wrap-ups capture the full picture of everything that I listen to (like, where is all the spin time I dedicated to Doechii?!) That said, the top song and artist on Spotify were “spot on,” as these two projects are from my top two best-rated albums for 2022.

Salam Fatayer (Spotify)

Top artist: Taylor Swift 
Top song: “Cardigan,” Taylor Swift
Comments: You may have noticed that four out of my top five songs are Taylor Swift songs, which is not a shock. It definitely would’ve shocked pre-pandemic Salam because she was a certified Taylor Swift hater (future article in the works). This year, I went on many “hot girl mental health walks,” and Folklore and Evermore were played DAILY. Those albums were truly the perfect “main character energy” soundtrack to get my steps in, romanticize my Midwestern life and collect my dog’s poop.

Doris Wessels (Spotify)

Top artist: 10,000 Maniacs
Top song: “Headstrong,” 10,000 Maniacs
Other data nuggets: 4,002 minutes listened
Comments: My top song was only played nine times, so I don’t think I am living in 1989. Apparently, I was just angry on May 16. Japanese Breakfast came in as my number-three artist. Also, what on Earth is “Gothic Friendly Cheerful” morning listening???

Brett Krzykowski (YouTube Music)

Top artist: Illuminati Hotties
Top song: “Chaise Lounge,” Wet Leg
Other data nuggets: Listened to 20,311 minutes of music this year, 68% of which was independent music and 78% of which were deep cuts because I am both independent and deep.
Comments: I call B.S. on top song because I listened to the greatest thing ever written about brunch from the Tick, Tick … Boom! soundtrack about 847 times.

Mitch DeSantis (Spotify)

Top artist: Elvis Presley 
Top song: “If I Can Dream,” Elvis Presley (live from the ‘68 Comeback Special)
Other data nuggets: If my year in music was a lasagna, the ‘68 Comeback Special was the foundational pasta noodle. Stack that with a beefy layer of punk bands Surfbort and Amyl & The Sniffers. Then a ricotta dollop of the noise-rock band A Place To Bury Strangers topped with a crispy sprinkling of Parmesan cheese that is the pop-rock duo Sparks. 
Top MKE artists: GGOOLLDD, Immortal Girlfriend, Dark Psychic, Holy Pinto, Okay Omen and You Win !!!

Liz Smith (Apple Music)

Top artist: Angel Olsen
Top song: “Through the Fires,” Angel Olsen
Top album: Big Time, Angel Olsen
Comments: Big Angel Olsen fan over here.

Dan Reiner (Spotify)

Top artist:
No. 2 artist: Bad Bunny
Top song:
No. 2 song: “What Once Was,” Her’s
Other data nuggets: I listened to 1,198 different artists this year, but I simply cannot reveal my top dog to keep whatever musical credibility I have intact.
Comments: No surprise with Bad Bunny at number two this year. Un Verano Sin Ti was my album of the summer and paced me through many bike rides around Milwaukee.

Mallorey Wallace (Spotify)

Top artist: Noname
Top song: “1:04 PM,” Quadry
Other data nuggets: Top genre was Indie Soul. Bon Iver was number two, followed by Frank Ocean, John Roseboro and SAULT.