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Diet Lite’s Evan Marsalli got his on-stage moment with Weezer

 A man with long hair plays electric guitar on a large stage while standing alongside another man sitting behind a drum kit.
Weezer / Facebook
Diet Lite's Evan Marsalli playing "Buddy Holly" with Weezer at Breese Stevens Field in Madison.

When last we left the TikTok saga of Diet Lite drummer Evan Marsalli roughly two months ago, he had finally connected with Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo after playing the guitar riff from “Buddy Holly” for 990 consecutive days. On Wednesday night, we got the final chapter (maybe?) of this incredible tale.

You may recall that when Weezer’s frontman responded to Marsalli’s indefatigable efforts, he added a message: “Challenge you to come play this live on Weezer’s Indie Rock Roadtrip Tour this summer.” Cuomo was as good as his word, bringing Marsalli on-stage alongside drummer Patrick Wilson, angular guitar in hand, to play the riff in front of thousands at Breese Stevens Field in Madison.

The guys from Weezer didn’t stop there, though. They also replayed Marsalli’s entry from day 990 on a giant video board during the show, making the viral moment a featured player of sorts for the night’s festivities.

As one might expect from a guy who knows a thing or two about engagement, Marsalli posted a series of videos showing his pre-moment preparations and thoughts, some harshly worded encouragement from Motel Breakfast, and of course the moment itself. To accompany him on the journey’s final leg, head over to Marsalli’s TikTok.

Also, listen to Diet Lite’s Into the Pudding. It’s a darn fine album.