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Funny and heartfelt: An interview with The Staves

When The Staves -- Jessica, Camilla and Emily Staveley-Taylor -- were kids, they made up a fake TV sketch show called 'The Crew." "There were two volumes," Jessica clarifies, "Wartime Crew and Maritime Crew."

"Hell's teeth," her sister groans. They would perform it to/at their parents and there were characters. There was Marriagie Moskie, who was constantly jilted at the alter. "She was constantly just wearing a wedding dress and crying, mascara running down her cheeks at the alter. And classic character Tipsy Harry, who was the butt of all the jokes.

"That was us, trying to be funny from say one." Jessica says.

She said she got her sense of humor from her mother, who is at the heart of this album. The sisters' mother passed away in the middle of the recording of their new album. They've titled it "Good Woman." The death had quite an impact on the group of sisters who are so close.

Another impact, strangely, for a group of sisters from England, is Wisconsin. The group spent time with Justin Vernon, staying at his place in the northern woods for a bit and working on music. At one point in the interview they even break out a pretty decent Wisconsin accent.