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The Marias Radio Special

Before moving to L.A., Maria lived in Atlanta. Her dad had moved her from Puerto Rico, where she was born to Atlanta to find work fixing cars as a mechanic. After going to school Maria got a job at an advertising agency. One year for Halloween the agency had a costume contest for employees. The contest had a grand prize of $5,000. Maria went all out. Playing into her crowd, she dressed as a "target market," and built an elaborate experience of a costume including a fruit stand made out of wood and fake money. She won the contest. She took the money. She bought a car. She quit the job. She moved to L.A. She founded The Marias.

For this special, I went to The Marias' home turf of Los Angeles. We recorded these songs and interview at Gold-Diggers, the studio/bar/residency where Leon Bridges recorded his new album, "God-Diggers Sound."

This is the 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Radio Special with The Marias.