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Bajo Del Bho Mixtape

Andino folk guilded on beats synced to cumbia rhythms in a magical majesty so regal the animals speak through the canopy to the night and the stars from which we all may from be...

Really interesting stuff out of South America these days and this mix was super fun to make.

Not sure if owlbass is a niche genre or the beginning of a movement, but I've been finding a lot of stuff like what made it on the mixtape.

Andean folk sounds bring an organic vibe to these cumbia-inflected cuts. But what makes this a "sound" for me is the repeated use of found sounds. In particular, natural sounds like insects, animals and birds are used as production elements. While none of these things is new, it's their use together and the overall vibe.

This is a great mix to chill out to...

Bajo Del Búho Mixtape | Sound Travels March 15th 2015 by Marcusdoucette on Mixcloud


Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee