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Class is in session as Peter Collins brings soul to Studio Milwaukee

A man playing an acoustic guitar closes his eyes while singing into a microphone on stage.
Jen Ellis

During a recent visit to our home in Walker’s Point, Peter Collins took two different audiences to school. He finished the day delivering a few lessons on composition to the aspiring high-school musicians at Grace Weber’s Music Lab. But first, he put on a master class for a room full of members during a lunchtime Studio Milwaukee Session.

Throughout the solo performance, Collins’ fingers skated up and down his guitar as smoothly as his voice bounced between octaves. Opening the session with a song from each of his first two albums, he bookended a warm vocal style with effortless falsetto to create the genre-melting R&B/soul/jazz sound that propelled him from Vine to the recording studio.

Session host B~Free captured the feeling in the room perfectly, recovering from a music-induced haze just in time to remember she had an interview to conduct. Collins talked about busting out on the O.G. short-form video platform, the messages he hides in his music and a few highlights from his long list of dream collaborators.

You can experience the session by hitting that “Listen” button above, then use the “Donate” button at the very top of the website to become a Radio Milwaukee Member so you can be there in person for our next one. Also, check out the video below to see how inviting artists like Peter Collins helps Grace Weber's Music Lab inspire and encourage music-minded high-school students.

Set list

  • “Sunshine”
  • “Love Like”
  • “You Got This”