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Samia brings depth, warmth to Studio Milwaukee

 A stylized photo with a slight blur effect of a woman closing her eyes and singing into a microphone with a man in the background playing guitar.
Erin Bagatta

Categorizing Samia solely under the label of "sad girl music" overlooks the depth and complexity found within her discography. Her music delves into intimate reflections on various aspects of life, including community, grief, friendship and family.

On her sophomore album, Honey, she ventured into new territory. The album was recorded at Betty's, a studio in North Carolina operated by the talented duo Nick Sanborn and Amelia Meath of Sylvan Esso. Samia, accompanied by her collaborator Caleb Wright, found solace amidst the serene woods, where pensive walks served as a catalyst for inspiration, ultimately shaping the record.

I had the pleasure of meeting Samia in our green room a few hours before her Studio Milwaukee Session. As she is Lebanese American, our conversation naturally veered toward Middle Eastern cuisine and our shared desire to visit Lebanon as adults. Alongside us were her bandmates Samuel Rosenstone and Boone Wallance, and we excitedly discovered each other's zodiac signs (I couldn't contain my excitement when I found out Samia and I shared Sagittarius). Samia's contagious enthusiasm for the Showtime thriller series Yellowjackets permeated the room, and she generously offered me access to her Peacock account.

Right from the start, Samia emanated a comforting warmth, which seamlessly translated to her on-stage presence during a captivating performance. She enraptured the room, her voice carrying a gentle tone that beckoned us closer, drawing us into her musical spell, like proverbial bees to “Honey” (the second song of her irresistible set).

It’s worth noting Samia went out of her way to join us for this session. She wrapped up a tour earlier this year and didn’t get a chance to play Milwaukee, so this was another one of those cases where our studios were the only place in the city to see an incredible artist like Samia. The Radio Milwaukee members in the room made the most of the opportunity, even singing along at times.

If you want to join them for the next one, become a sustaining member and get invites to the sessions we have coming up later this summer.

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Set list

  1. “Stellate”
  2. “Honey”
  3. “Charm You”

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