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It’s her turn: A playful, powerful session with Adi Oasis

Erin Bagatta

À mon tour.

Adi Oasis sang that French phrase in the second song of her recent Studio Milwaukee Session, “Red to Violet” from Lotus Glow, her new album released this past March (check it out on Bandcamp here).

When introducing the song to a room full of Radio Milwaukee members, the French-Caribbean soul/funk/R&B artist explained that it means “It’s our turn.” Written in honor of women and especially women of color, the track reflects her belief that, as she continued, “we need more women in positions of power — and good people in positions of power in general.”

It’s a message often delivered out of frustration and occasionally even resignation when things don’t change as fast as we’d like. But Adi said it to the audience with a joy and matter-of-factness that made it feel like an inevitability — goodness will rise, especially if those good people are as determined as she sounds in the chorus of the track:

À mon tour
Like red to violet, move
And I'll take the pilot seat, you
Ain't never given me nothing, move
I'm just tryna say something

It’s a message that cuts across generations but one that seems most potent when directing it at the one coming up, which was represented on stage by our pregnant guest. Adi propped up her bass in front of Baby Oasis (as HYFIN’s Element put it) and performed a set that served as one of her final North American shows before heading over for a European run.

She also talked about her music outgrowing the name she previously performed under, getting inspired by greatness in all its forms — from Serena Williams to Ketanji Brown Jackson — and the one message she would share with her child if they were listening at that exact moment.

You can listen to her answer and the whole performance right now by hitting that button at the top of the page, but there’s nothing like seeing these Studio Milwaukee Sessions live at our Walker’s Point studios. Get an invite to the next one and all the ones that follow by becoming a sustaining member right now.

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Set list

  1. “Adonis”
  2. “Red to Violet”
  3. “Naked”