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When is it rude to stand at a concert? Some reminders on basic concert etiquette

Over the last couple months we've seen a number of smaller concert venues host their first concerts since the outbreak of Covid-19, and the really major shows are just around the corner (hello, Foo Fighters). But while we're all excited to see big shows again, we've probably forgotten about some of the inevitable headaches that accompany them: people talking over the band, people using their cellphones at the worst times and people arguing with each other over whether they should be sitting down.

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That last subject is particularly contentious: Piet and I have both seen audiences almost come to blows over it. We have some pointers for how to defuse that uncomfortable situation on this week's show, where Piet also shares some of the other etiquette tips he highlighted in a recent article for the Journal Sentinel.

Hear us chat about it on this week's episode below.