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We’re going all in on Friday the 13th for the Fall Drive finale

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It’s Friday the 13th — the spookiest day on the calendar. It’s also October — the spookiest month. It’s ALSO the final day of our Fall Membership Drive — the spookiest broadcast period of the year when strange voices who are definitely not Dori or Kenny or Marcus or Kat take over the 88Nine airwaves.

Were we aware of this fate-tempting crossover when we set the dates for the drive? I mean, we didn’t NOT know. It’s right there on the calendar. But perhaps we didn’t consider the bad juju we risked invoking by wrapping things up on this supposedly most cursed of all days.

Power the music. Power the stories. Power the mission.

So, to appease the ghosts and ghouls and whatever else might exert its influence today, we lined up some Friday the 13th programming that’ll add just a little frightening fun to the Fall Drive finale. In addition to hearing us continue addressing the truly scary notion that you (yes, YOU) might not become a member today, we added a couple things to the 88Nine broadcast:

  • A collection of creepy tunes curated by 88Nine music director Erin Wolf
  • A sampling of interviews from Ayisha Jaffer’s 2020 audio series Milwaukee Encounters

Clearly, we’re dying for you to tune into 88Nine all day long so we can soundtrack your Friday the 13th and just maybe make that one last heartfelt appeal that turns you into a Radio Milwaukee member. But, because we’re a full-service community connector, we added those audio enhancements to this page so you can listen at your leisure.

Use the player at the top of the page to hear the first episode of Milwaukee Encounters, then head down below for the rest of the series and Erin's curated Friday the 13th playlist.