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Songs to make you laugh, with 'Weird Al' Yankovic

Kyle Gass and Jack Black of Tenacious D performing live.
Paul McConnell
Getty Images
Kyle Gass and Jack Black of Tenacious D performing live.

Since April is National Humor Month, it seemed only fitting to play a mix of some of the funniest songs of all time; and who better to help put that mix together than "Weird Al" Yankovic?

On this week's show, the comedian and song-spoofer-extraordinaire joins host Robin Hilton and NPR's Stephen Thompson to share classics like Tom Lehrer's "The Elements" to more fringe discoveries like "Just A Temp" by The Hazzards, "Going to Pasadena" from Fun With Animals and more.

Featured artists and songs

  • Tonio K: "H-A-T-R-E-D"
  • Robbie Fulks: "Fountains of Wayne Hotline"
  • Tenacious D: "Tribute"
  • Spike Jones: "Der Fuehrer's Face"
  • Bill Oddie: "BLIMPHT"
  • The Hazzards: "Just A Temp"
  • Garfunkel and Oates: "Google"
  • Tom Lehrer: "The Elements"
  • Sara Bareilles, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Erika Henningsen, Ashley Park & Busy Philipps: "Famous 5eva"
  • Flight of the Conchords: "Hiphopopotamus Vs. Rhymenocerous (Featuring Rhymenocerous And The Hiphopapoatumus)"
  • Shel Silverstein: "Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take The Garbage Out"
  • Weird Al: "One More Minute"
  • Weird Al: "The Saga Continues"
  • Bad Lip Reading: "Seagulls! (Stop It Now)"
  • Fun With Animals: "Goin' To Pasadena"
  • Spinal Tap: "Big Bottoms"
  • The Lonely Island: "Lazy Sunday"