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As voted by you, here are the top 100 songs of 2023

Jen Ellis

Around this time of year, music and media outlets everywhere start telling you what the top “this” and the best “that” of 2023 were. (We’re actually going to take our turn next week, but for now let’s all pretend to be indignant about that state of affairs.) I mean, who are THEY to tell US what was better, huh? Who asked them anyway?!?!

You know what we did instead? We asked you. Well, first we got a long list of the new songs we played this year, then we placed all of them in a carefully crafted digital sorting system, and THEN we asked you. Those responses allowed us to create two things:

  1. An entire day of programming that dramatically revealed the full list, counting all the way down to number one, Casey Kasem-style.
  2. The playlist below.

We hope you joined us for at least part of the ride today on 88Nine’s airwaves or streaming via the website/app. We really hope that joining us convinced you to share a little financial support on this final day of our year-end membership drive (you still have to visit our donation page, by the way). Regardless, we wanted to share the top 100 here so you can dip into it whenever you have time for a little music exploration.

Enjoy your top 100 songs of 2023, and thanks for listening this year.