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How The Hatchets polish deep emotions to a high shine

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Jen Ellis

Every week, the State of Sound podcast welcomes an artist from our monthly concert series into the studio to go deep on one of their songs. For more info on the live show, including how to get tickets, visit the event page.

We pack our State of Sound concert lineup every month, so while it took us a while to work through all the interviews from that very first show back in February, this episode finally gets to the March showcase and our headliner: The Hatchets.

This group of Milwaukee’s glossiest rock ‘n’ rollers turn out heartfelt and pondering songs powered by a deep well of emotions. It was in the Tilt-A-Whirl times of the pandemic that the band began crafting songs for their newest album, Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End. Polished with a sheen of synths and strung together by prominent bass, The Hatchets’ sound is appealingly anthemic.

Before their headlining set at that March State of Sound concert, Justin Otto of The Hatchets spoke with me about the band’s most anthemic song yet: “When The Ghost Throws Of His Chains.”

To hear the conversation and part of The Hatchets’ State of Sound set, find us on your preferred podcast platform or use the player at the top of the page. While you listen, head over to the State of Sound event page and grab tickets to our next live show (this Saturday!) April 6 featuring Hanna Simone, JINKSIE, Wire & Nail, and Allison Mahal.

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