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Crispy pork, cottage bakers and a café swap in Whitefish Bay

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Side-by-side photos of a plate of crispy pork with a small carafe of dipping sauce and freshly baked sourdough bread on a wooden tabletop.
An Ox Cafe / Hollyberry Bakery

Each week on This Bites, dining critic Ann Christenson from Milwaukee Magazine and Radio Milwaukee’s resident foodie Tarik Moody dig into the city’s culinary and restaurant culture to help you find new spots, old favorites and the best ingestibles around Milwaukee.

In a lot of circles, the new year has a habit of starting slow. New-music Fridays don’t have quite as many anticipated albums. Movies aren’t exactly blockbusters or award-quality. Even the food scene around Milwaukee is a little quieter than usual.

Of course, that won’t stop us from finding a few things to talk about on this week’s episode, starting with some serious raving we do about the crispy roast pork from An Ox Cafe. I won’t spoil the very vivid word picture Ann paints at the top of the pod, but if you’re a meat-eater and aren’t hungry by the end of the conversation, you might want to get your taste buds checked.

The story behind An Ox Café is almost as good, with the owners bringing their signature pork over from their previous gig running Rhino Foods grocery. Ann’s got even more details in the new issue of Milwaukee Magazine, but we’re happy to give you the highlights, along with a couple other items from around town:

A quick programming note: We’re taking a break next week so I can properly celebrate my dad’s birthday, but the city’s longest-running culinary podcast will be up and running again Jan. 20. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s episode, and use the buttons at the top of the page to subscribe, like, review and share. Thanks.

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