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Easter Brunch spots aren’t hard to find, but reservations might be

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A plate of eggs benedict and mixed greens, with a Bloody Mary, beer chaser and mimosa out of focus in the background.
Bridgewater Modern Grill / Instagram

Each week on This Bites, dining critic Ann Christenson from Milwaukee Magazine and Radio Milwaukee’s resident foodie Tarik Moody dig into the city’s culinary and restaurant culture to help you find new spots, old favorites and the best ingestibles around Milwaukee.

We have a rule about Easter on This Bites: Looking for eggs is fun, looking for a place to get brunch isn’t. Getting a table for that mash-up of breakfast and lunch isn’t a picnic on a normal weekend in Milwaukee, let alone a holiday. But we’re here to help.

The first couple minutes of this week’s episode is all about the spots around the area that might be able to squeeze you in (although it is a little late in the game). If you need a few more ideas beyond what we mention, Ann’s Milwaukee Magazine colleague Kristine Hansen put together a list you can check out.

As for the rest of the episode:

There is still, however, only one This Bites. We’re happy to bring it to you every week and hope you’ll make us a little happier by subscribing, sharing and reviewing wherever you listen. Thanks.

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