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All about that hair: a minisode on Black hair and the hijab

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Two headshots of women. The woman on left is Black and looking away from the camera, and the woman on the right is brown and smiling toward the camera.

For the past few weeks, I’ve engaged in deep conversations with individuals as part of Uniquely Milwaukee’s month-long examination of our complex relationships with our bodies. In the most recent episode, we delved into the topic of hair loss with educator-actress-model Yomarie Castellano, the founder of Hair Loss Bonita, and Yousef Aladdin, who shared a male perspective on the topic.

You also heard a little bit from me and my co-host, Element Everest-Blanks, although we had more to say than what made it into the episode. Wanting to keep the conversation going, we decided to release this special minisode in which we discuss our personal relationship with hair. Element shares her insight on Black hair — before the natural hair movement made waves — while I reflect on my own journey of taking off the hijab, and the added pressure and meaning of political control for Muslim women.

Make sure you check back with us throughout this month as the conversation continues with people from all corners of our community:

  • April 4 — Real Women, real bodies: Getting candid about body-image journeys
  • April 11 — Breaking the silence: Men and women navigate beauty standards from hair to height 
  • April 18 — Beyond the binary: Transgender voices in the body positivity movement and embracing body diversity
  • April 25 — Leaving no one behind: How the disabled community challenges inclusion and ableism
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