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Sound Remedies

A podcast from Advocate Aurora Health, Radio Milwaukee and The Retreat

The “Sound Remedies” podcast is a curious conversation about the lifestyle and health issues disproportionately impacting Black and Brown communities. Hosted by a DJ and his writer wife, both creative change agents who are also trying to make the best wellness decisions for their family.

Their kitchen table conversations explore physical, emotional and mental health, inviting sound advice from healthcare experts, best practices stories from regular folks and a journey into the healing benefits of music.

"Sound Remedies" is presented by Advocate Aurora Health, Radio Milwaukee and The Retreat.

Episode 1 - This Ain't That

Finally, social stigmas around mental health are beginning to fall away. While it’s encouraging for therapy to be the new brunch and mindfulness the hottest app, it’s important to remember that mental wellness is not a trend.  Our slippery use of social language and DIY labels could do more harm than good. Sitting in an anxious moment or feeling depressed are not the same as having anxiety or depression.  Kima and Dasha share stories of self-MIS-diagnosis, label liberation and get our terms and tools straight with Dr. Munther Barakat, Director Of Behavioral Health Therapy for Advocate Aurora Health.

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Episode 2 - Virtual Insanity

For most of us, our entire lives got relocated into digital spaces. The same screens we used for entertainment and communication, became the gathering venues for happy hours, blind dates, conferences and even funerals. From preschoolers to yoga instructors to therapists to medical professionals, “virtual” is the newest reality. And, for the foreseeable future, is here to stay. Dasha and Kima wonder aloud about the impact of unprecedented screen time, compare experiences and opinions about digital doctors and virtual care and take notes on how to maintain digital health from Dr. Amanpreet Sethi, Medical Director within Population Health & Risk.

Episode 3 - HIStory

We know men don’t go to the doctor as often as they should and, for the most part, we know the unfortunate social coding of machismo is to blame. In an era of information, wellness, transformation and woke-ness, how are males of all ages still resisting health care until the last healthy moment? A bigger question is how to shift the narrative and urge more fellas -- especially Black and Brown men -- to prioritize regular checkups. Dasha and Kima inventory men’s mixed bag of messages, share stories of resistance and resolution, and learn about common life cycles for men and their most under-discussed health issues with Dr. Marc Kennedy, Gastroenterologist with Aurora Medical Group.