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Check out the three finalists for Riverwest neighborhood sign competition

Riverwest Neighborhood Poster

You have probably have seen at least one of the 26 classic Milwaukee neighborhood posters created by artist Jan Kotowicz in the 1980's.  The poster series began in 1983 with Bay View. One of the neighborhoods, Riverwest looks to update their poster. According to Riverwest Currents, the Riverwest Neighborhood Association, and the Riverwest Business Association sent out a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a new Rivewerwest Neighborhood sign.

29 sign designs were submitted by nine artists.  The designs were voted by a committee of residents, marketing professionals, and business owners. The committee pick the top three designs and then the public voted on them at various events.

On August 6 at 11:30am during Center Street Daze Festival, the winning sign design will be revealed to the public. There are plans to install the winning design on street light poles in the Riverwest neighborhood.

The 3 final designs were created by Allison Waller, Helen Feider and David Arnevik. You can see the designs below.

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