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'Cat Videos Live' is bringing the purrfect show to Milwaukee this October

Cat Videos Live

In a video, PBS' Idea channel proposed the question, "Is the internet cats?"  If you look at YouTube and other social media networks, this could be true.  On Oct. 4, Cat videos are leaving the internet and are headed to Turner Hall for "Cat Videos Live!"

Cat Videos Live! is a family-friendly, feline film, cat comedy event, and social gathering for all ages. Cat Videos Live! provides an authentic, wildly entertaining atmosphere for animal lovers to experience the cat video phenomenon—together—in a live, theatrical setting. Cat Videos Live! and have partnered to bring this exclusive cat content to the big screen. In addition, Cat Videos Live! is a forum for cat video creators from amateurs to celebrities to showcase their cats.

Produced by Knitting Factory Presents, New York City-based comedienne Carla Rhodes will serve as the show’s host. Mentored by Shari Lewis, creator of children’s icon Lambchop, Rhodes is a multi-faceted entertainer who has performed with a wide array of artists such as Neil Hamburger, The Eels and Tim Heidecker (of Tim & Eric).

Tickets for "Cat Videos Live" go on sale on July 21 at 10 am.

Tickets sales are donated to charities and

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