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Pete's Pops is selling $1 Georgia Peach popsicles today

As you've probably noticed, temperatures have entered the cruel range today, with predicted highs in the mid-90s and dew points of "why is nature doing this to me?" percent. And while a popsicle can't singlehandedly reverse the heat, it can make it more tolerable for the few minutes you spend enjoying it.

So Pete's Pops is doing its part to help the city endure the heat by offering $1 Georgia Peach popsicles at its Pop Window (3809 W. Vliet St.) today from noon to 7 p.m. The shop will also be selling bags of actual Georgia peaches from the window while supplies last. "There will be some t-shirt and concert ticket giveaways and a sprinkler set up to keep everyone cool," the shop tells us.

A Georgia Peach popsicle | Courtesy Pete's Pops

On Facebook, the shop announced that the promotion will become an annual tradition. "Beginning today and continuing once a year for eternity, we'll pick what we think will be the hottest day of summer and offer $1 Georgia Peach pops at The Pop Window on Vliet," the shop posted. There's a limit of one popsicle per person.