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Culver’s CurderBurger returns for more than 10 minutes this time

A promotional image shows Culver's CurderBurger, a fully loaded hamburger topped with a flattened cheese curd.

Limited-edition food offerings. Most aren’t worth their salt. The McRib? A pork patty in subpar BBQ sauce. Shamrock Shake? It’s mint, people. Chew some gum the next time you drink melted ice cream. Pumpki … I can’t. I just can’t.

But the Culver’s CurderBurger? I can. And this year, I might even get the chance to eat one.

The April-Fool’s-Day-joke-turned-actual-menu item sold out in 10 minutes last Oct. 15. And while I appreciate a well-executed promotional stunt you can eat, standing in line and waiting for a blue-clad Culver’s employee to unlock the door was a bridge too far for me.

This year, the place my 8-year-old lovingly refers to as “The Blue Sign Store” will require no such patience. Because according to a story in this morning’s Capital Times, the CurderBurger will return next Wednesday, Oct. 12, and hang around until Oct. 31. At least that’s the plan.

“I think everybody agreed that doing it for a longer period of time allows our guests to kind of pick and choose when they want to come to the restaurant,” Culver’s Director of Menu Development Quinn Adkins told the Cap Times. “It certainly makes things a lot easier on our restaurant teams. We're very good at managing that process, and making it more aligned with our usual methodology just made sense.”

He added that the recipe will get a slight tweak to the burger curd’s breading, making it easier for their team members to whip them up for us. But each restaurant will only make 1,000. So while we won’t need to wait in line on day one, I wouldn’t wait until day 20, either.