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Milwaukee hotels rule the Midwest in Condé Nast best-of list

A composite image shows Saint Kate hotel, the Pfister and the Delafield Hotel.

Hotels. Chicago may have more of them. In fact, it definitely does. But do you know which city claimed the most spots on Condé Nast Traveler’s Readers Choice Awards 2022 list of Top 15 Hotels in the Midwest?

That’s right. With three on the list, Milwaukee is your top dog of turndown service. Your prizewinner of pillow chocolates. Your champion of online check-in. Here are our very deserving representatives.

Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel

The unique spin this downtown spot puts on lodging undoubtedly accounted for a decent share of its 10th-place score. But CN Traveler had just as many kind words to say about the rooms, amenities and especially the vibe:

Art hotels can feel unwelcoming, with collections meant to be examined in silent contemplation. But Milwaukee's Saint Kate is not that. Contemporary art is spread through common and private spaces in a way that coaxes you to stay, have a drink, and strike up a conversation about something you may not totally understand, preferably while listening to a live trio in the lobby. A stay here will immerse you in art that will, at turns, challenge you and bring a smile to your face. All of it may just make for the coolest hotel in the state of Wisconsin.

The Pfister

There are more than 130,000 hotel and motel businesses in the United States. Around 300 — or 0.23% — are “ Historic Hotels of America” as determined by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The Pfister is one of them and wound up 15th on the CN Traveler list. Here’s what they had to say:

This icon of a hotel, built in 1893 near the city's historic Third Ward, is home to the largest collection of Victorian Artwork of any hotel in the world. Rooms are conservatively classic, but common spaces don't hold back with requisite lobby lounge piano, over-the-top holiday decorations, a grand staircase, and marble fireplace.

Delafield Hotel

At the top, I said Milwaukee had three on the list. While Delafield isn’t technically Milwaukee, it’s less than 30 minutes away, so I’m counting it. Despite this being the Delafield Hotel’s fourth year on the list, CN Traveler had the audacity not to have a review on its website. So we got the next best thing — this guy on Yelp:

I've had the pleasure to stay in some great hotels when traveling, thanks to work and some really nice friends and family. This is one of the best. … The room was gorgeous, comfortable and spacious. The ONLY complaint I have is that the bed posts are so large, that I FREAKING BROKE MY TOE ON IT WHEN GOING TO THE BATHROOM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. I'm not using hyperbole- I BROKE MY TOE!!!!!!!!!!!! Many expletives and two months of not running later, the little guy is healed up- but, I tell you what that bathroom is worth it!

A bunch of other Wisconsin hotels — the Osthoff in Elkhart Lake, the Grand Geneva, the American Club in Kohler — got on this list for resorts and this other list for resorts. Our hearty congrats to them all.