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The lager leg lamp is gone, but there’s plenty more MKE stuff to gift

We knew it wasn’t going to last. Like its doomed inspiration, the Miller High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower flickered into existence all too briefly before our dreams of actually getting one were smashed to the ground.

While we’ll never have a chance to glue those dreams back together (NOT A FINGER!!!), we can turn our attention to the many other very cool gift options Milwaukee has to offer. Here are just a few to get you started:

Miller Lite puffer bev wrap & plush dog toy

Let’s ease out of our anguish by remaining Miller-adjacent. Sure, there’s a couple inches of snow on the ground and it’s cold enough to keep beer in the garage even if you don’t have a fridge out there. But does that mean we can’t still hang outside and enjoy a few with our friends?

Thanks to this parka for your pilsner, absolutely not. Gone are the days of risking frostbite just so you can drink a brew on the porch, in the driveway or at a Packers tailgate (or Brewers opening day tailgate for that matter). Just zip and tip.

While you’re there, toss a Miller Bite in the cart for your favorite canine. See, because it’s normally Miller Lite, but they can bite it.

Milwaukee Tool STUD tape measure

OK, stay with me on this one. Say you have a particularly hunky individual in your life, and you’d like to get across that message while also giving them an indispensable household item. Then this, my friend, is your gift:

Even though the good people at Milwaukee Tool were kind enough to put “STUD” in all-capped block letters, there’s still likely to be a bit of confusion on the part of your recipient. So prepare an appropriately corny thing to say that’ll make your intentions clear. Or, even better, a card: “When it comes to looks, you more than measure up.” Something like that.

A candle from the Malicious Women Co.

Candles make things smell nice and provide ambiance, but they’re an awfully boring gift. Or are they? The Bronzeville Collective on North Avenue has all kinds of fantastic gifts, including this line of candles curated by FlyBlooms— a boutique located in the collective. The labels are absolute perfection, especially this one for that special someone who’s especially difficult when it comes to gifting:

I’m just realizing this list is starting to look a little thirsty, so let’s wholesome it up a bit.

Milwaukee County Zoo river otter mini-plush

Despite the fact that otters are jerks, the ones at the Milwaukee County Zoo have never done anything morally reprehensible as far as we know. Mostly they just torpedo through the water and galumph around on land, making it one of the most popular and entertaining exhibits in the zoo.

While you’ll never be able to bring home a real otter — nor should you — this mini flopsie plush version will provide a reasonable level of adorability without any of the jerk-like tendencies.

Merch that supports live music

We’re fortunate to have a ton of places around town that cater to just about every type of music. Obviously, the first and best thing you can do is actually go to those concerts because it supports the venue and the artist. Beyond that, many of these places sell their own merch, which is also a nice thing because it’s clothing for you and free advertising for them.

Among the options available are a very nice Cactus Club beanie (perfect for the months ahead), a shirt that cleverly displays your affection for Wisconsin and live music, and even a skate deckfor the shredder in your life. By all means, look up your favorite venue, and they’re likely to have a few items on offer.

Radio Milwaukee City Tin

As you’ve heard during any of our Drives, our biggest source of funding comes from members, many of whom head to our donation page and pick a level so they can get some of that sweet Radio Milwaukee swag (plus invites to live music events). 

But you can also throw us some support by picking up a City Tin and giving the gift of deliciousness to someone — or keeping it for yourself, you do you. Either way, when you buy this collection of 20 coasters good for discounts ($10 dine in, $5 carry out) at TWENTY-NINE different Milwaukee-area establishments, a whole $10 goes to us!

Just use this link, pick the City Tin you want and make sure to select “RADIO MILWAUKEE” from the “SELECT YOUR FUNDRAISER” dropdown, and you’ll help us continue delivering the music and stories you love.