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Go see 'A Quiet Place' even if you don't like horror movies

88Nine’s Justin Barney and Milwaukee Film’s Kristopher Pollard are buds, they like cinema—they’re Cinebuds.

This week on the podcast, we’re talking about “A Quiet Place,” which features America's new favorite dad, John Krasinski. It's in Milwaukee theaters now.
Read more and listen to the full episode below.

In "A Quiet Place," a family is forced to adapt a lifestyle where they live in silence and are full of caution at every act they commit, as they try to remain hidden in sight and sound from intelligently vicious creatures that have begun to override Earth.

"A Quiet Place" is worth the watch. Especially in the theater. To add to the quiet suspense happening on screen, trying not to break the silence in the theater during this thriller is a challenging and intense experience.

Even if you're like us and don't normally like horror movies, there is a lot to appreciate about this one. You'll feel scared, but not too scared, and overall, entertained. Without excessive gore and jump scares, it relies more smartly on anticipation and tension to be chilling in an understated and creative way. It's original, it's well-executed and well-performed.
Real-life married couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt and child actors Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe were all fantastic in their own way. They gave this movie a surprising amount of heart. Krasinski's performance was a heroic "love letter to his children" about the lengths he would go to protect them. Blunt's acting makes you hold your breath while she delivers the most terrifying and anxiety-filled scenes by enduring pain while remaining completely silent.

Simmonds, a deaf actress, gives a performance that is a triumph for the deaf and hard of hearing community. And Jupe, the courageous brother, makes us feel afraid of monsters again as we see his fear through a child's perspective. These are performances that leave you wanting more. But not in a sequel. Rather, these characters draw you in to want to know more about them in a prequel. Watch the trailer for “A Quiet Place” below and listen to the full playlist above for more on the movie before you see it, the spoiler edition for after you leave the theater and a discussion about the issue of farts in the world of "A Quiet Place."

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