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Will Forte is a desperate satanist in 'Extra Ordinary'

Today we are talking about a NEW MOVIE. MKE Film is doing Sofa Cinema. It’s basically like a theater would run. They have three or four movies at a time. Most of them are movies that would have been in the theater right now, with a couple classics, like they would usually screen. You rent it instead of going in, but it’s nice to have your selection narrowed down and watch something new. 

Screening now is “Extra Ordinary.” "Extra Ordinary" is a Scottish film, with a really great lead from Maeve Higgins. In the movie, she is a driver instructor, who was formerly a medium. She’s brought back into the game by a cute man who’s daughter is possessed by an incantation placed by a one hit musical wonder and satanist played by Will Forte, who wants his next album to perform well and hopes sacrificing a virgin will please the dark lords and lead to a hit album. 

Will Forte in "Extra Ordinary"

The movie is set by its tone. Satanists and ghosts and stuff are scary, but everything in the movie is not taken too seriously. The good guys are not that good at being good, the bad guys are not great at being bad. The movie leaves a lot of room for it to be silly and smart. 

We go into why it is that Will Forte seems to work so well and what we thought about the whole thing in the pod. Check it.