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Even Adam Driver isn't enough to save 'Annette'

I am the ideal audience for this film. 

“Annette” is written by Ron and Russell Mael, better known as the band Sparks. I own many Sparks albums and love them.

It’s directed by Leos Carax, who made one of my all-time-favorite-movies, “Holy Motors.” 


It stars Adam Driver, who I, like many others, find to be a hunk who is able to throw himself at any roll and take it over. 

It’s a musical. For many years I wanted to deny that I loved musicals, but after watching many that I love, like anything, when they are good they are good and when they are bad they are bad.

This is a weird movie. I love weird movies. 

Unfortunately, I found this movie nearly unwatchable. I hated this movie. It pains me to say.

Find out where it went wrong in the podcast where we also talk about "White Lotus," "Pig," and Joe Pera’s season 3 renewal.