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Paul Thomas Anderson delivers so much to love in 'Licorice Pizza'

Kpolly here. This week on Cinebuds we'll be tackling the newest opus by Paul Thomas Anderson (PTA to his buddies), "Licorice Pizza." On the surface the film is a simple coming-of-age romance. A young man courts a young woman and their relationship develops with some ups and downs. 

But, if you know PTA's work, you know that's not the end of it. The details make his films come to life. From the music to the eccentric characters to the very identifiable dialogue and nostalgic, nearly time-traveling art direction -- these are the things that flesh out a simple story of young love.

"Licorice Pizza"

One of us loved the film. One of us maybe didn't? Or maybe one of us just pranked the other to make them FEEL like one of us didn't like it, but turns out, one of us DID.... It's a complicated relationship.

We'll also be talking about what else we've been watching. And reading. The rumors that I, in fact, CANNOT read have been wildly exaggerated....

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