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Listen to 'Cinebuds Live: The Thing' at the Oriental Theater

Writing by: Kristopher Pollard

On a very special episode of Cinebuds -- It's CINBUDS LIVE! We're so delighted to share our live Cinebuds taping that went down during the 2022 Milwaukee Film Festival. 

Photo courtesy of MIlwaukee Film.

The 40th anniversary screening of John Carpenter's "The Thing" on 35mm played to a packed main house at the Oriental Theater on April 28, and then little old us came out afterwards to chat discuss the film and chat with the audience.

We had a blast talking about the gross '80s latex monsters, the whodunnit nature of the story, and, of course, the general appeal of one Mr. Kurt Russell. It was a lovely experience to chat on a stage with so much history behind it and talk to some folks who were just as into this magically gooey film as we are! Take a listen!

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Photo courtesy of Milwaukee Film