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In The Wings: The importance of groundwater to Wisconsin's water community

All this month on In The Wings, Nate and I are exploring Milwaukee's water community.

What comes to mind when you think 'water'? Maybe oceans, lakes, rivers... But this week, we're talking with a woman that's focused on the water that helps keep those bodies of water healthy and safe: groundwater. Meet Sarah Gatzke of The Nature Conservancy.

"I guess it's selfish, but I just really love nature," laughs Gatzke, a Waukesha native that's traveled around the country researching conservation, "that keeps me sane in life, so I'm out there protecting it for me and for everyone else to enjoy it as well."

Currently residing in Fort Atkinson, Sarah has spent the past few years working and traveling throughout the state with The Nature Conservancy of Wisconsin, which, for 57 years now, has been working to protect our state's natural resources through conservation, research, as well as education for the community,

"It's not until you call someone's attention to the fact that nature really is important to everyone's everyday life that they kind of stop and stay 'Okay, so how do I treat nature in a way so that it allows it to keep providing those services?'"

Click the player below to hear our interview with Sarah Gatzke:

For more on Sarah Gatzke and the work being done by The Nature Conservancy of Wisconsin, visit them online here

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