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Fiserv Forum introduces Amazon technology to speed up concessions

Go to enough sporting events, and you realize there’s a strategy to grabbing concessions. Make one wrong move, and you miss a big chunk of the thing you came to see.

Fiserv Forum will try to alleviate some of those issues by introducing The Market by Michelob Ultra, which uses Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology to get food and drink in people’s hands so they can get back to their seats as quickly as possible. 

The experience outside section 119 will debut tonight, Nov. 16, during the Bucks game against the Cavaliers. Here’s how it works:

  1. Use your credit card or Amazon’s palm-recognition technology to enter.
  2. Grab something off the shelf.
  3. Walk out with your items.

That’s it from your end. On the other side of things, there’s a lot going on. According to a press release, Just Walk Out uses “computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning” to determine what you pick up and put back. With that information, the system can then charge your credit card without you needing to stop for the typical check-out process. See how happy it makes these hockey fans?

As Fiserv Forum Senior Vice President and General Manager Dennis Williams put it in the release: “Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology and Amazon One are designed to eliminate checkout lines, and enable fans to enjoy a quick and frictionless shopping experience.”

Or, to phrase things in sporting terms: get a drink without missing a dunk.