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Lakefront Brewery's new outdoor patio opens this weekend

A large brick building with an outdoor patio next to a river with a small boat at the dock.
Dan Reiner
A view of Lakefront Brewery from the Marsupial Bridge.

Outdoor waterfront seating in Milwaukee is a precious resource, like formula for a baby or the last beer in a 24-pack at a Brewers tailgate outing. Thankfully, Lakefront Brewery will add more inventory to the city's Riverwalk this weekend as it opens its reimagined patio space.

I live a stone's throw away from Lakefront, so I took a stroll over to check it out before it immediately becomes a bustling hot spot again. The most noticeable change is the addition of a covered deck outside the brewery's main food hall. There isn't a ton of square footage up there, but any added space is welcome.

The most important part about the new deck isn't the lounging space, but the staircase that takes you down to the Riverwalk. If you've visited Lakefront in the past, you may recall the terrifyingly steep, narrow, maybe-not-to-code enclosed stairwell that used to lead patrons in and out. That's now gone, replaced by a beautiful, wide, definitely-to-code outdoor staircase.

Now that you've reached the ground floor without fearing for your life, it's time to examine the new seating space. The many bar chairs that line the railing along the river remain, as do the tables right next to the building. Plus, no more going inside to use the restroom! There are now two handicap-accessible outdoor toilets under the aforementioned stairs.

The showpiece of the renovation is the new outdoor bar and covered seating area located under the Holton Street Bridge. Formerly occupied by picnic tables, there's now a covered rail bar with more tables, while the "Beer Hut" offers more points of purchase.

Lakefront said on Facebook it plans to have everything ready for Friday's Fish Fry and Sunday's second-annual gluten-free Maifest.

88Nine Social Media Manager | Radio Milwaukee