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New Milwaukee-made film explores one of America's best cheesemakers

American Cheese film - Uplands Cheese

Each Friday at 8am on 88Nine, Milwaukee Magazine’s dining critic, Ann Christenson, and 88Nine foodie Tarik Moody discuss Milwaukee’s culinary and restaurant culture.

This week on This Bites, we talked about the forthcoming documentary "American Cheese" by Wisconsin Foodie filmmaker Arthur Ircink. We also talked about the forthcoming Bay View restaurant, Sabrosa Cafe & Gallery, Wolf Peach and Supper's Sibling Rivalry event and an orange wine dinner at Bavette.

Listen to the podcast below.

Cheese documentary

Wisconsin Foodie filmmaker Arthur Ircink has been working on a film about Uplands Cheese Company.  Uplands Cheese Company is considered one of the best cheesemakers in the country. You can learn more about this film via its GoFundMe page. You can watch the trailer below.

Sabrosa Cafe & Gallery

Bay View will be getting a new restaurant next spring called Sabrosa Cafe & Gallery.  It will be Bay View's first chef-driven breakfast and lunch cafe. Sabrosa will also house an art gallery and live classical music for weekend brunch.  They will also rent out their kitchen after hours to local food entrepreneurs. Learn more here.

Wolf Peach & Supper's Sibling Rivalry Dinner

Wolf Peach & Supper will host a seven-course menu with beverage pairings that alternates between the chefs at Wolf Peach and Supper. The dinner will be hosted at Supper on August 24. Here is the menu:

Rye bread dumpling, Muenster fonduta, roasted cherries
Escargot, pickled garlic, ghee, parmesan frico, parsley
Roasted squab, eggplant-olive arancini, black garlic puree, parsley pistou
Lump crab, baby artichoke, hazelnut picada, scallion, cream cheese espuma
Currywurst, tomato-masala jam, watercress
Beef tenderloin, roasted chanterelle mushroom, sweet corn, bordelaise

Dessert duo:
White chocolate-goat cheese mousse, lavender, blueberry, honeyNeapolitan ice cream, sweetened milk, freeze dried strawberry, pistachio praline

There will be a mix of cocktails, spirits and wine pairings included.

Bavette's Orange Wine Dinner

Bavette will host an Orange wine dinner on August 23. Orange wine is now considered teh new "rose."

Orange wines, also known as “contact” or “skin contact” wines, are essentially white wines that are produced like reds. Whereas a white wine never makes contact with the grapes’ skins, an orange wine is made out of white-fleshed grapes (Pinot Gris, for example) and is then left in contact with the skins (which can range in color from white to purple) for days, weeks or months. They’re chilled but with higher levels of tannins, meaning they’re white wines complex enough to stand up to red meat, which make them really exciting to feature during a multi-course dinner.

The dinner will feature 7-9 orange wines that are mostly from Italy. Tickets for the event cost $125/person.  You can make a reservation  by calling Bavette at 414-273-3375. Check out the menu below.

First course:
Uni toast with salmon roe, avocado, radish, preserved lemon & chile

Chili caramel charred octopus with melon & cucumber salad, peanuts, kimchi & herbs

Pappardelle with clams, saffron butter, peas, cured ham & cured eggs

Pork shoulder with eggplant, corn, cherries & fennel

Dessert or cheese

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