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Pay what you can at Milwaukee's Tricklebee Cafe and more on This Bites

Tricklebee Cafe

Each Friday at 8am on 88Nine, Milwaukee Magazine’s dining critic, Ann Christenson, and 88Nine foodie Tarik Moody discuss Milwaukee’s culinary and restaurant culture.

On this week’s episode, we talk about the pay what you can restaurant, Tricklebee Cafe. We also talk about Great Lakes Distillery "Drink Like a Woman" pop-up dinner, a caramel pairing event, and a forthcoming taco spot from Ardent’s Justin Carlisle.

Tricklebee Cafe

Located at 4424 North Ave, Tricklebee Cafe is a new pay what you can restaurant. The cafe also offers foodservice training and spiritual nourishment. Tricklebee Cafe will have a grand opening celebration Dec. 14.

All items on the menu will be pay-what-you-will, which allows neighbors who cannot afford to pay much to pay little or to volunteer, and neighbors who can afford to pay more to do just that. Here are some of the other features of Tricklebee Cafe offers:

-Pay-what-you-can pricing--Each customer sets their own price for their meal. (We may have suggested prices.)
-Patrons choose own portion size--We may offer small, medium and large plates, and mindful portion sizes. This helps eliminate food waste, curb overeating and supports our customers in adhering to their personal budget.
-Healthy, seasonal foods--A commitment to providing local and organic where possible; sustainably grown and harvested.
-Patrons can volunteer in exchange for a meal--This provides a “hand-up, not a handout” opportunity. Properly trained volunteers can lead to future employment in the food service industry.
-Volunteers are used to the greatest extent possible--This is an important key to building community and sustainability. Volunteers can just be working for meals or because they want to support our efforts to curb hunger in our community.
-Paid staff earn a living wage.
-Community Table--Have a larger table where individuals and small groups can sit with others and make a larger group that can cross social, economic and other societal boundaries.

“Drink Like a Woman” Pop-up Dinner

On Dec. 6 at Great Lakes Distillery, there will be an 8-course "Drink Like a Woman" pop-up dinner. The dinner celebrates the release of the book, 'Drink Like a Woman' by Milwaukee's Jeanette Hurt. The dinner will be prepared by Chef Ana and will revolve around 4 cocktails featured in the book using Great Lakes Distillery products.  Guests will also receive a signed copy of the book. Tickest are $75/person. Here is the menu:

First Course: Mini Blini au Caviar- light, semi-sweet crepe topped with whipped creme fraiche, chives, caviar
Second Course: Citrus and Smoked Salmon- Wild-caught salmon, smoked and poached in Citrus Honey Vodka, apple glaze, toasted bacon dust
Cocktail Pairing: Tubmantini- Citrus Honey Vodka, fresh apple cider, apple shrub

Third Course: Enchanted Cucumber- organic cucumber carpaccio, wild caught shrimp, chipotle mayo
Fourth Course: Potage- Creamy organic tomato soup, yogurt, feta, chili & mint
Cocktail Pairing: Bewitched- Rehorst Gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, cucumber, mint leaves

Fifth Course: Pistachio Rosewater Pan- Hand-crafted thin crust bread, pistachios, rosewater essence, fig spread
Sixth Course: Lamb Goulash- Slow-cooked grass fed lamb, tomatoes, garlic, orange juice, red wine, KK Whiskey, oriental spices, buttered potatoes
Cocktail Pairing: Rosé the Riveter- Rehorst vodka, rosé wine, elderflower syrup, rosewater, lemon juice, seltzer

Seventh Course: Jeanette’s Compote- Home-made organic cherry compote, Mascarpone Chantilly, lavendar-rosemary honey
Eighth Course: Ana’s Truffles- Hand-crafted Swiss chocolate and cherry brandy truffles, candied lemon ring.
Cocktail Pairing: Out of the Sidecar- Barrel Aged Cherry Brandy, orange liqueur, lemon juice, simple syrup.

Caramel Pairing Party w/Becky’s Caramels

On Dec. 8 at Great Lakes Distillery,  Becky's Caramels will host a Caramel Pairing Party. Becky will be releasing her bran new Kinnickinnic Whiskey Caramel. There will be a free caramel & cocktail sampling and special cocktails paired with a caramel. Free admission.


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