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Triciclo Perú offers a very Wisconsin spin on the empanada

On this week's episode, we have a bunch of mushroom puns for you in honor of Ann's new story about The Mushroom LADY. We also discuss Ann's review of a the Peruvian restaurant Triciclo Perú, and WMSE's 18th Rockabilly Chili Fundraiser, as well as a new happy hour special at Morel and a new soup place.

The Mushroom LADY |

In the March issue of Milwaukee Magazine, Ann profiles Diane Summers-Yelton, otherwise known as The Mushroom LADY, one of the most prominent women foragers in the state. It's a dangerous hobby, as Ann explains: Learning which mushrooms are and aren't edible is not for the fainthearted. Eventually she was able to prove to prominent local chefs that she was able to attain the freshest, most local mushrooms available.

She also sells to home cooks, and offers items like truffle honey, truffle salt and truffle butter. From April to November, "each month reveals a few different wild edible mushrooms," she told Ann.

Triciclo Perú is an empanada lover's dream

Empanadas at Triciclo Peru |

You may have seen the food truck for Triciclo Perú. Now the chefs have a brick and mortar location at 3801 W. Vliet St., next door to Pete's Pops. It's a super charming little space--a one-room dining room and bar with a classic tin ceiling. The menu specializes in, as you'd expect, empanadas.

You can not only buy them for lunch and dinner, but you can also buy them frozen to go. They make a handy quick dinner, if you're in a pinch. Just bake them in the oven. In addition to the traditional beef filling (with onion, black olives, raisins and hard-boiled egg), there's a Wisconsin cheddar empanada with breakfast sausage and scrambled eggs.

WMSE's Rockabilly Chili returns

WMSE's Rockabilly Chili returns for its 18th year this Sunday. It's the biggest chili event in the city. There will be more than 50 chilis at this year's event, competing for a variety of awards including best chili, best heat and best veggie chili. There's even an award for best display. Ann and I share the stories behind some of the spiciest food we've ever eaten, and Ann recalls a time she was tricked into eating canned chili and actually enjoyed it.

To hear us get into all of that and much, much more--including a new happy hour sandwich at Morel--stream this week's episode below.

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