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Why pop-up restaurants are all the rage right now

We have a lot to talk about this week's episode, including news of some new restaurants and some grants going out to well-deserving restaurants owned by people of color. But we kick things off this week by talking about Ann's story " We Are Living in the Age of the Pop-Up Restaurant."

In the era of Covid-19, the idea of being able to get something for only a finite time -- and that you may not get it unless you beat out others for it -- is very exciting for people who don't have much else to get excited about. These restaurants have helped break up the monotony of pandemic eating.

Zocalo Food Park, in particular, has been a haven for these pop-ups. The space has hosted pop-ups from Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge, Mister Bar-B-Que, the pizza spot Flour Girl & Flame and the restaurant Braise.

Brute Pizza |

Ann also shouts out Brute Pizza, which offers pre-order delivery each weekend out of Donut Monster in White Fish Bay. The pizzas are made with heritage stone-milled flour for a sourdough crust and baked in an extremely high-heat oven.

Then of course there's one of my favorite pop-up spots: Phat Dumpling. Chef Kristen Schwab makes six flavors of frozen Asian dumplings, including a chicken and wild mushroom combination and a great pork and kimchi dumpling.

Phat Dumpling |

Minority-owned restaurants receive grants

Earlier this week, the Milwaukee Bucks hosted a small business forum in the Fiserv Forum, and offered $10,000 grants to businesses owned by entrepreneurs of color. Quite a few of them were restaurants, including Glorious Malone's Fine Sausage, Mr. Perkins Restaurant, The Salsa Lady, Triciclo, Antigua Latin Restaurant LLC., and Lush Popcorn. Congrats to these restaurants.

We also have news of a new breakfast menu at Daddy's on Blue Mound and a new restaurant at North Avenue and 38th Street called Nacho City. Plus two more food halls are coming to Milwaukee. We have all the details on this week's episode, which you can stream below.

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