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These three Milwaukee restaurants offer a lot of bang for your buck for frugal foodies

On this week's episode, we're talking about three must-try restaurants for frugal foodies. We're also sharing some sad news about Bay View's Mistral, and my picks for pairing Milwaukee food with sake.

Swingin' Door Exchange |

In the latest issue of Milwaukee Magazine, Ann writes about three restaurants frugal Milwaukee food lovers have got to try. "I think a lot of us are looking for places that are affordable, that you can go to every night, and not spend a ton of money while feeling like you're going to get a great meal every time you're there," Ann explains. It's not about cheap issues, she explains -- it's about places that offer value.

Her picks include Nessun Dorma, Swingin' Door Exchange and Honeypie Cafe, a longtime Bay View staple that just opened in a new location. It's currently only open for patio dining, but it plans on reopening its dining room this fall. "All three restaurants offer a quality, value experience," Ann says. I'm lucky to live right by Nessun Dorma, and I always feel good about eating there. It's nice to have a place like that, where you can feel kind of fancy but don't have to break the bank.

Bay View's Mistral closes

We have some sad news. The owners of one of Bay View's best date-night restaurants, Mistral, have announced that the restaurant has closed. The timing is unfortunate; it had just reopened after a long break, and it was great having a restaurant attached to a movie theater.

Hear us talk about all that and more, including my pairings of sake with Lush Popcorn and Real Chili, on this week's episode below.

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