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How'd this 500-year-old chapel </br>end up in Milwaukee?


It's the oldest building in Wisconsin -- by a few hundred years -- and it's just outside Downtown Milwaukee.

For this week's Urban Spelunking, we visit the St. Joan of Arc Chapel at Marquette University, a quaint stone structure nested inside the campus grounds.

Originally built in the 15th century, the French chapel was purchased by a wealthy collector, disassembled and moved to her estate in Long Island, NY.  From there, it was taken apart again and relocated to Milwaukee, as a donation to the university.

Today, the chapel is open to the public.  Tours and masses are regularly held there, and students tend to gather nearby for campus activities.

So, what's the connection to Joan of Arc?  Did she really kiss one of the stones in the building?  Does it actually feel colder to the touch?


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