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A view of Milwaukee, a mile away

“Out there looking back the other way, I almost felt like the man on the moon.” - Bobby Tanzilo, Managing Editor

Comparing Milwaukee’s skyline to watching the Earth rise from the surface of the moon might be a stretch, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a beautiful or rare sight.

And you can get a heck of a view from the Breakwater Lighthouse, located about a mile off Downtown Milwaukee's shoreline, if you're lucky enough to land a tour.

That's where U.S. Coast Guard officials took’s Bobby Tanzilo for visit back in 2013.

The lighthouse has been automated since the 1960s and can even be controlled remotely by ships on the water.   It's a modern advancement that made the position of full-time lighthouse employee obsolete.

The structure itself was excessed by the federal government around that time, but now an effort is underway by the Friends of the Breakwater Lighthouse to refurbish the landmark and possibly make a museum out of it. Those plans, however, have been stalled, according to a recent JSOnline report.

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