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Milwaukee bus driver saves girl from a harmful situation

If you've ever taken the Milwaukee County Bus on Route 63 (that's the one that connects Silver Spring Drive to Port Washington Road), you've probably seen Sharon Chambers before.

"I like driving a bus, I really do. You meet some interesting people."

But this past week, for one fifteen-year-old girl, Sharon was more than just a bus operator.

"I was pulled over at a bus stop and this little girl was crossing over to get on the bus. When she came over I said, 'Baby what's wrong?'... she said someone tried to assault her and pull her into a car."

And for that little girl in tears, Sharon did what she says any human should do. She brought her on the bus, kept driving, and comforted the girl,

"I said 'Baby, don't worry, you're on this bus and you're safe. If anyone comes and tries to get you off this bus I will fight for you. Trust me. You are safe."

Then, as heard on the bus surveillance video, while continuing to comfort the girl, Sharon contacted the police, reported the situation, and made sure the little girl got home safely.

Milwaukee County Transit System has acknowledged and thanks Sharon and their drivers for their compassion and care for the community.  But Sharon explains she was never trying to be a hero, she was just being herself. And as a mother and an aunt, she just hopes someone would do the same for her loved ones.

"Do the right thing. People are human... If you take a life you can't bring them back. Just do the right thing: the human thing."

 More on MCTS and Sharon Chambers can be found at

Special thanks to Samuel Knepprath for the audio production of this story.